Mon-Sun 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM || Licensed and Bonded - NM#391565
Mon-Sun 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM || Licensed and Bonded - NM#391565

Fiber to Desktop

in home fiber

If your network requires more bandwidth than CAT6 provides, ask us about fiber to the desktop. Fiber is the future, and bringing fiber to the desktop will futureproof your home or business. Gaming, streaming, and large network usage can be enhanced with the unimaginable bandwidth of fiber-optic cable. If you have fiber in your neighborhood, you can have fiber at your desk!

Fiber optic internet’s advanced technology utilizes light rather than electricity to transmit data over longer distances. This results in low latency and higher bandwidth, making single-channel streams faster and better. Additionally, fiber optic cables are also less affected by electronic interference from nearby cables. Since fiber optic cables are made of glass, they are also immune to lightning strikes, making them less prone to outages. These benefits make fiber optic internet ideal for businesses that require fast and reliable internet connection. Moreover, fiber optic internet has the potential to offer better overall value for money compared to Cat6 in the long run, despite the initial installation costs.

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